We can provide a full set of design drawings from the plans you submit to us.Please provide as much information as possible to accurately produce drawings. Manifold positions should be clearly marked on drawings.These drawings make it much easier to install your Betta Heating System as you are working to accurate drawings.


  •         We supply all types of underfloor Heating retro-fit panels
  •         We supply underfloor heating pipe, in a variation of different sizes
  •         We supply underfloor heating manifolds & pump kits
  •         We supply all necessary heating controls to get you up and running
  •         We can also supply and fit screed floors if that is suitable for the system you choose to install


     Here at Betta Heating Ltd we do not sub-contract out any of our work, so for any job you in trust in us we in trust to one of our expert team. We have 12 years of experience of installing Underfloor Heating Systems so you can be sure that your installation will be done to the highest quality. Don't hesitate to get in touch on 01625 466500 for a free, no obligation quote.


When it comes to controlling your Underfloor Heating System, having the right temperature control is as important as having a steering wheel on your car - You need to be in control and to do that you need simple intuitive controls. After  providing the right heating controls for your new project we will spend time after the install process has been complete making sure your new underfloor heating system is working correctly, efficiently and under full warranty.