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What is Retro-Fitting?

Delivering an even, ambient warmth that is comfortable underfoot and creating room layouts uncluttered by radiators, underfloor heating has become the emitter of choice for many new builds. However, these systems can be suitable for retrofitting into older homes as well. Electric UFH is relatively easy to install in a renovation project, but has greater running costs than water-based systems. Many manufacturers of water-based UFH have developed lower-profile systems that minimize disruption and height build-up in retrofit situations. They can usually be used alongside a regular range of products that sit within a deeper level of screed (those that are typically installed in new builds). This is handy if you’re tackling the refurb of an existing house and an extension as part of the same scheme, and want to mix and match.

retro-fit systems

At Betta-Heating we have over ten years experience in fitting a vast amount of different UFH system. So you can be sure that we will pick the system best suited to your project.

Dry Fix

Aluminium faced for new, existing & Joist Floors

These systems give you ultimate control, located beneath your floor with the finish of your choice. Maintaining low input temperatures that make the floor heating environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Suitable for both new and existing homes.

Wet Screed

Great for new & Old floors. Works best for uneven surfaces

When using screed, Floor Heating pipes are fixed on top of insulation using staples, clip track or castellated panels.The screed is then poured encasing the pipes. Once this has set heat can then be applied to the screed - the heat passes through the floor finish and gently dissipates into the room.


Spreader Plate System for heating in-between new or old joists

A standard installation for this system assuming the joists are deep enough would be to fix batons to the sides of the joists. Then a 50mm foil faced insulation like celotex/kingspan is cut and placed onto the batons - the pipework is then clipped directly into the spreader plates at 200mm centers.

From Old To The New

Running a level UFH System from your old house to a new extension.

This can be easily achieved from using a combination of new retro-fit techniques and your standard sand and cement screed system. Precise measurements will assure your new extension and old house heating systems will run through seamlessly.

What We Do

We can provide a full set of design drawings from the plans you submit to us.Please provide as much information as possible to accurately produce drawings. Manifold positions should be clearly marked on drawings.These drawings make it much easier to install your Betta Heating System as you are working to accurate drawings.


We offer the most competitive prices and all of our underfloor heating systems come with full warranties for complete peace of mind.

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We have 12 years of experience of installing Underfloor Heating Systems so you can be sure that your installation will be done to the highest quality. 

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After the install process has been complete we make sure your new heating system is working correctly, efficiently and under full warranty.

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Design, Supply & Install

Take all the stress out of the job..... let our team of expert underfloor installers take care of your project from start to finish for one great price!!

We Guarantee: quality of work and speed of fulfilment. We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level as understand people value their time and money. We provide fully designed, insurance backed high quality systems

Contact Us Today: 01625 466 500
Contact Us Today: 01625 466 500

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Why Choose us?

We have a very dedicated team of installers, who take pride and joy in the job they’re doing with their main intension to keep you, the customer, as happy as possible throughout the process of our work. Unlike a number of other underfloor heating suppliers we design, supply and install our systems, we feel this helps build a better relationship with our customers and help complete an overall better, smoothly ran job.