Multilayer Pex/Al/Pex WRAS APPProved Pipe

We have made sure that we use one of the best quality pipe on the market – this is the multilayer pipe made of PEX/AL/PEX. The pipe is 100% oxygen diffusion tight, therefore offering total protection against oxygen entering the heating system.  The pipe is approved for 10 bar pressure and 95 degree C temperature – one of the highest settings available.  Your system will never need the above settings, but it indicates the strength of the pipe.

  • Butt-welded aluminium pipe.
  • 100% oxygen-tight and water vapour diffusion tight.
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion.
  • Entirely corrosion-resistant, also against chemicals and electrochemicals.
  • Sound-insulation similar to entirely plastic pipe.
  • Electro-beam crosslinked inner and outer pipe.
  • High resistance to pressure and temperature.
  • Smooth surface, less loss of pressure.
  • Light as plastic piping.
  • Flexible, easy to bend even at low temperature, retains curved shape.